Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Revlon PhotoReady Liquid Foundation

Soon as the beauty bloggers and gurus were talking about this foundation I tried it myself to know how its like on me. I hit the store and eyeing on their sale. I got this at Walgreens for buy one get one half off! You know a beauty fanatic but wants to get the products IF  possible for FREE! haha. Ok ever since I tried this, I've been using this everyday. I tried the colorstay foundie but its yellowish on  me and I don't like the bottle it doesn't have pump so I end up pouring more than what I need. All I can say is this is the right foundation for me. I wouldn't even bother to buy another until I run out of it! I find it easy for me to get the right shade for me.


In fact I even use 2 different shades and it ooks fine. Probably because I don't really need that much foundation on my face. One small pump is enough. I use GOLDEN BEIGE and MEDIUM BEIGE works well for me! Just a hint of little dark on me but its not that noticeable when I use the Medium Beige.

They look almost thesame does it?
Picture above shows how they look after rubbing them on my hand. The shimmery effect doesn't show up that much, its wearable everyday that you don't need to go for a photo shoot to wear it.
PRICE $12.99 at Walgreens and of course lesser in Walmart

*a little goes a long way
*easy to find the right shade for me
*oil free and fragrance free
*easy to blend
*last long
*the pump makes it more hygenic and its easier to control how much you just needed


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