Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wet ń Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in Strike - A- Pose - Rose

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This can be use as highlight, eyeshadow, bronzer and blush or as a face powder in general.

Net Wt. .32 oz

Price:  $4

natural light

 Four color in stripes  which gives several color combination to play with

with flash

With those people that is sensitive to paraben, this product isn't for you.

taken under a natural light

This is a 4 color pan and that  taken under natural light. The first stripe is sheer, that can be use as a highlight  and the last 3 can be use as an eye shadow that gives a perfect spring or summer look. Mix and match and play with the color and it brings several pigments.

As a bronzer it gives you this light glowy but fine shimmer hint of peachy bronzer as it appears on my skintone. 

I used this for a week or 2 now and I'm loving it so far, I usually like the look that's bronzy and natural if I am under the sun for an out door activity or simply an everyday look at work. At first I used as a blush and I love love it, I actually set aside my Milani blushes because of this, it looks so natural and glowy but not too shimmery. Gives you a light bronzy on your cheek when you swirl it around with a brush. If you swirl your brush excluding the last stripe gives you a mauvy blush.

I played with it and it can be use as a eyeshadow, with 4 bucks, the over all color pay off is hands down, pigmented and last a long time on my face. Remember my skin type is normal to dry, I use water base moisturizer and oil free foundation and everything last a long time even after 8 hours of working.

For budget beauties out there like me, this is a must for you this spring summer weather. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

China Glaze Crackle in Black Mesh

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I wanna try the nail polish that I got yesterday from Essence which is the LIME UP. That is how it looks like with out the crackle yet. I like the nail polish line, considering the prize is $.99 cents still I just need two coat to apply.

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 The first time I put it on, for just few seconds you can see started cracking as fast, I wanna take a photo when its about to crack but its just like an split second they start cracking....I love to watch how it transform!

click image to enlarge
 I love love it. I can't wait to do more color variations of this, hope I can wake up early and not  back to bed for a nap before working so I can blog more as often ^__^

click image to enlarge

More photos, wish I can get better pictures of it though, just 2 coat of Essence nail polish in Lime

click image to enlarge

The directions are pretty much easy, apply your favorite nail polish, wait until its dry then apply the Crackle Glaze as thin if you want it more cracks to form, thicker if you want it less in a little bolder. Wait it dries a bit and finish it up with your favorite top coat..... done and enjoy....its actually easy than applying a perfect nail polish in solid color, this one doesn't need to be perfect because it's topped off with the crackle, can't wait to try the other shades, I'll wait for Sally's coupon again or any sale I would spot lol, fun!

I actually got compliment today at work of this nail polish, one nurse was like staring at me while giving report  and I said, what I do to you hmmm???  and she said nothing I was looking at your nails, what did you do? lol
That's how it is at work, we tease a lot and make fun and say random things and blabbing all day LOL , I just like the way they don't take things seriously they all know we're all joking.......have you tried this crackle glaze yet, better get it! thank you for your time......

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday Purchase

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Sunday is my usual grocery shopping day so I can't help but to see what's going on in the beauty isle yesterday, I was curious because Cosmetics Aficionado mentioned about Essence is in Fred Meyers now, so I decided to try their nail polish for $.99 cents, not bad. I got the LIME UP, WHAT DO YOU THINK and MELLOW YELLOW. They have also a limited edition of Essence which I picked up the Multi Color Powder for $2.99, and then I saw the limited edition of Wet n' Wild and just grab one nail polish in Waves of Enchantment. I went to Sally's after and just grab the China Glaze in CRACKLE GLAZE in Black Mesh, they sent me the 15% off coupon so I used it and ended up paying $4 something which isn't bad as the OPI version which is $8.50.

I will be posting soon as I have time what's the nail polish look like on my nails, I'm gonna be using the powder today also at work and see how it goes, hopefully its gonna be a good week for me at work.......Have a wonderful week ahead beauties.....

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Milani Baked Powder Blush

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I acquired this blushes like a month ago or so when it was buy one get one half off in Fred Meyers. I always go on Freddies because its just a mile drive away from my house and usually its where I go for my grocery shopping. I picked up the ones's I know will fit my skin tone which is the Luminoso and Berry Amore.

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click image to enlarge

For people that have some allergic reactions to some ingredients, the above image might be helpful to you.

                      .12 oz/ 3.5 grams

Price  $7.49 at Fred Meyers

Product Details from the website

A luxurious powder blush that features a mélange infusion of colors baked on Italian terracotta tiles. Easy to use, sensorial in texture, the nuances of color become extraordinarily luminous. Silky smooth application leaves your face looking healthy and radiant all day.

Available in 9 shades

Made in Italy


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Luminoso is what I've been wearing lately, it's like a peachy with golden tones to it. Definitely will give you a glow if you are like me who likes glow on your cheeks. The shimmers are not really visible. 

click image to enlarge

Berry Amore is medium mauve with  gold shimmers in it. I like wearing this with my mauve lip gloss and its perfect. This might be too deep with light skin as for me not that too dark. 


It comes with a mirror when you flip the bottom part of the compact with a small brush which I don't wanna recommend using it, better use your own brush, well as for me I don't like most of the brush that comes with the product, not as good as the real ones.

The Packaging

I don't really care about the packaging, it has a golden rim which I don't mind. With a drug store product that beats all the blushes in the store and the quality is compared to department store brands is enough for me for an affordable price. You are actually paying less for the quality alone, if it would be a high end one, the better packaging it would be.

click image to enlarge  

Pigmentation is awesome, it can be use dry or wet, wet for more pigmentation and deeper color. It last for my 8 hour shift at work of course with a primer and foundation on.

Swatches above is taken in a natural light, this is how it looks like on my skin tone NC 37 to 40 for can be bold if you want more pigmentation

I would definitely buy some more of the remaining shades available, good addition to your stash, worth it.

I am keeping an eye on Corallina and Tera Sole for my bronzer this summer. I have lots of blushes that I can't use  for a life time. It sucks to live nearby so many stores,  plus ULTA and MARSHALLS are just like 20 minutes drive where I live now, actually newly open stores here in my place,  shoootttt the only way I don't spend on my day off is when I sleep all about you? what you do to not make your self spend for unnecessary things like these? tell me fellaaaasss... ^__^ thanks for taking time to read.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Second Coach Purchase

April is my birthday month so I was thinking what would I get for my self but its not a tough decision for a frugal like me because I am a sucker of purse.I waited actually for the 30% off in store purchase at Coach outlet to get the one on my wish list on the right side bar. Not exactly what I want but I decided to get this kind instead, why? because the strap of this is leather and the wish list is cloth, last long if its leather in my opinion. Besides I don't care because I will use this mainly for summer vacation.

Plus I love the color, I think its khaki but not too dark...I was trying to research the name of it but heck can't find it. If you know the name of this purse I would love to know.....

This is a cross body purse or the swing pack kind. I like the way its versatile, you can use it as a shoulder bag also because it has the adjustable button on the side of the strap.

That's how it looks like on the shortest way, but in the store its like the both ends meet on the other side and it looks smaller but I can't figure out how to do it, deymmmm, teach me Ok LOL

That's the receipt! this is 50% off plus 30% off of all the items in store that day, so went down to $87.49 ONLY! I saved $190.51 from $278 regular price......This is my hubby's present to me on my birthdayyyyy...he never knew anything about Coach purse then, I need to teach him LOL, girls you need to teach your man the things you need or excuse me the things you want LOL....besides he should be lucky because I picked up the cheaper ones......

As a present for my self, I bought a wallet....this is my first coach wallet you know....I don't know why I chose this color but I think its cute....

That's how it looks like on the other side.......the color of the lining looks like my lip gloss on the day I bought this, I didn't notice until hubby told me haha.....

click image to enlarge

Love the style, the leather lining and all, they have the cloth ones but I don't like it, what's the point of buying coach when you don't go after the good quality leather anyways...

The good part, regular price at $218 and its on the 50% off rack PLUS 30% off in store purchase, I paid $52.49 for it, sweet deal??? Oh yeah..... I love bargains, makes me happpppyyyyyy

Friday, February 11, 2011

Wonder Woman I have

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So I went today at Nordstrom to check out the opening of Wonder Woman from MAC. I got there by 10:30ish and I thought I would expect crowd, but not yet! Nordstrom opens at 10am so I thought I can't take any pictures or even swatch at all. I am so lucky!  though I just drive 12 to 15 minutes away from my house to reach the mall. First thing I noticed is the gigantic packaging of the MSF, my gawddd this is the biggest compact I've ever seen so far in makeup products, almost the size of my palm! I really reacted and laugh and the SA was laughing with me LOL.

click to enlarge

Anyway I was playing it with my hand and couldn't stop smiling. I was thinking of getting it but heck its $35 pffttttttt leave it LOL. I can find dupe out there (rolling my eyes). 

click to enlarge

And the makeup bag for $30 a piece its not worth it.

 click to enlarge

So as a frugal shopper I just grab the Lip glass in EMANCIPATION and the BLUSH DUO in MIGHTY APHRODITE.

The only babies I got. (sigh).... my wallet is already empty LOL, but wait I want the MARQUISE lippie, its really pretty! thinking if I'm going back to get it.

Look how big is the Lipglass? geezzzz  the wand I mean, it's like you can use it to poke your biatch friend LOL.......

That's all for now, my swatches will be in a few, as I still need to do my house work.

MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush


A short, round, flat-topped brush ideal for the smooth, easy application of foundations, creams, emulsions, and select powder products. Features a blend of natural bristles and synthetic fibres.

16cm in length

In search for my HG foundation I want to make sure I am doing it right, tools and saving money wise, saving because small brush means small amount of foundation to use I believe. So I decided to give this a try instead of the 187 though its just a couple bucks difference in price. Late last year I broke out since I started drinking coffee in which I thought is the reason. Zits on my forehead which I hate to see because I'm not use to it. The worst thing is it heals so freaking slow that the scar is visible until now, some are fading but I couldn't wait til its gone.  

I use this for my liquid foundation samples that I have and works well. Its just small compared to the 187. The main reason I chose this instead is I want to focus more on my problem areas in which I am happy about. 

It just need a little patience in application, smaller means more stroke and  buffing to do. But I don't mind doing it cause it gives an even coverage on my problem areas.

I would definitely buy the 187 as soon as my scars is gone. I am working on it though, I am religiously putting  oil, moisturizing and mask every day on rotation to help fade the scars. I think this brushes are good investment, knowing that all of my things last a long time under my care is a plus to me. In fact until now I'm still using my eco tool brush, going 3 years now and I still have it. I think cleaning and taking care of things helps you save money. 

I washed it several times already and so far no shedding at all. It has a little bit smell when it was new but nothing that a baby shampoo can do the job. Over all I love this brush, I cleaned it every two times of using it.

How about you what's your first MAC brush and the store behind?

MAC in Springsheen Blush(Sheertone)

 My first MAC Blush actually, I was impressed on how Elf Peachy keen looks on my cheeks so I was swatching at the MAC counter 3 weeks ago and I just felt that I wanna try this, yeah impulse buyer sometimes :D.

Weight: 6g/.21 US oz


Photo above is just under a normal light, no flash on the camera. I can describe as a pinky peach color with gold undertone in it. 


It's pretty color, and I'm glad I didn't regret buying it, otherwise I always return what I buy if I'm not happy with it. Its wearable anytime of the day with my skin tone. It's buildable, make it lighter or bold depends on your preference.....



For reference I am comparing it with my drugstore favorite blush by Elf in Peachy Keen. Springsheen is more pigmented, with just few stroke you can achieve the pinky peach golden tone that I love. 


I think this is one of my staple blush from now on, last for 8 hours to me, with primer on of course.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics in CORALISTA

Finally I taught my self to get an expensive brand of makeup(well in my case) in my hands. Whenever I go to JC Penny I usually go to Sephora and swatch makeups, and this is the one that I wanna purchase first when I lost my self (LOL) from BENEFIT COSMETICS. Two weeks ago I guess I got this and I'm happy about it. In my case I have NC40 skin tone for reference, it gives a glow to my cheeks or even the entire face, I like when I just apply powder on my face and followed with this, its perfect! I am saving the rest for summer because its really nice glow when you're out. And what I like about it is the SCENT,smells gorgeous!

It came with a brush which is real soft but until now I didn't use it. I am thinking it might pick up more product than what I needed so I just keep it aside(winks). The packaging is really classy but it doesn't have mirror except for BELLA BAMBA in this line. I'm not looking forward for BELLA BAMBA, it is too dark on my cheeks, I don't wanna look like a clown, well by applying it on my cheeks for several times in Sephora. I might give it a try again.

The good thing about the ingredients of this is there is NO PARABEN. Its a plus in my case. No wonder its a little spendy.

 with out FLASH

This is a close up shot without flash, its corally.

 with FLASH

This product weights 12.0 g/.42oz    

Let's do the math, $28/12grams is $2.33 you spend in every grams of the product! You think its worth it? 
I think it is worth it, probably a gram you can use it two times or even more depends on the way how you apply it and it gives you the glow all day. By knowing how much I spend now I don't feel guilty, Oh frugality LOL....
with out FLASH

The swatch above, really pretty color with a glowy finish

with FLASH

I think I will repurchase this if not get another product from them, I am eyeing on DANDELION......
What's on your wish list in Benefit Cosmetics?

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