Friday, May 14, 2010

Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Pearls Marbellized Eye Shadow

First time I saw this eyeshadow in the store, I couldn't get my eyes off with them. They are real pretty colors, you can notice right away that they are uber pigmented. Its $5.49 in Walmart but I find it cheaper in Big K store its only $3.99 each. Its the baked eyeshadow version of Maybelline. This is some tip on the site to get the look:


Blend – swirl two shades together, sweep across lid

Emphasize – add marbleized shade to center of lid


Accentuate – sweep marbleized shade across lid up to brow bone

Intensify – add solid shade to outer crease; use brush to line along upper lash line for added impact

*All I can say is this a great product for the amount of money, staying power is great, can be remove easily with soap and water. I always use an eyeshadow base so it last the long day of working. I only got 3 colors and 7 more to go. Ten shades all in all for this line......


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