Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wet ń Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in Strike - A- Pose - Rose

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This can be use as highlight, eyeshadow, bronzer and blush or as a face powder in general.

Net Wt. .32 oz

Price:  $4

natural light

 Four color in stripes  which gives several color combination to play with

with flash

With those people that is sensitive to paraben, this product isn't for you.

taken under a natural light

This is a 4 color pan and that  taken under natural light. The first stripe is sheer, that can be use as a highlight  and the last 3 can be use as an eye shadow that gives a perfect spring or summer look. Mix and match and play with the color and it brings several pigments.

As a bronzer it gives you this light glowy but fine shimmer hint of peachy bronzer as it appears on my skintone. 

I used this for a week or 2 now and I'm loving it so far, I usually like the look that's bronzy and natural if I am under the sun for an out door activity or simply an everyday look at work. At first I used as a blush and I love love it, I actually set aside my Milani blushes because of this, it looks so natural and glowy but not too shimmery. Gives you a light bronzy on your cheek when you swirl it around with a brush. If you swirl your brush excluding the last stripe gives you a mauvy blush.

I played with it and it can be use as a eyeshadow, with 4 bucks, the over all color pay off is hands down, pigmented and last a long time on my face. Remember my skin type is normal to dry, I use water base moisturizer and oil free foundation and everything last a long time even after 8 hours of working.

For budget beauties out there like me, this is a must for you this spring summer weather. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

China Glaze Crackle in Black Mesh

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I wanna try the nail polish that I got yesterday from Essence which is the LIME UP. That is how it looks like with out the crackle yet. I like the nail polish line, considering the prize is $.99 cents still I just need two coat to apply.

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 The first time I put it on, for just few seconds you can see started cracking as fast, I wanna take a photo when its about to crack but its just like an split second they start cracking....I love to watch how it transform!

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 I love love it. I can't wait to do more color variations of this, hope I can wake up early and not  back to bed for a nap before working so I can blog more as often ^__^

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More photos, wish I can get better pictures of it though, just 2 coat of Essence nail polish in Lime

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The directions are pretty much easy, apply your favorite nail polish, wait until its dry then apply the Crackle Glaze as thin if you want it more cracks to form, thicker if you want it less in a little bolder. Wait it dries a bit and finish it up with your favorite top coat..... done and enjoy....its actually easy than applying a perfect nail polish in solid color, this one doesn't need to be perfect because it's topped off with the crackle, can't wait to try the other shades, I'll wait for Sally's coupon again or any sale I would spot lol, fun!

I actually got compliment today at work of this nail polish, one nurse was like staring at me while giving report  and I said, what I do to you hmmm???  and she said nothing I was looking at your nails, what did you do? lol
That's how it is at work, we tease a lot and make fun and say random things and blabbing all day LOL , I just like the way they don't take things seriously they all know we're all joking.......have you tried this crackle glaze yet, better get it! thank you for your time......

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunday Purchase

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Sunday is my usual grocery shopping day so I can't help but to see what's going on in the beauty isle yesterday, I was curious because Cosmetics Aficionado mentioned about Essence is in Fred Meyers now, so I decided to try their nail polish for $.99 cents, not bad. I got the LIME UP, WHAT DO YOU THINK and MELLOW YELLOW. They have also a limited edition of Essence which I picked up the Multi Color Powder for $2.99, and then I saw the limited edition of Wet n' Wild and just grab one nail polish in Waves of Enchantment. I went to Sally's after and just grab the China Glaze in CRACKLE GLAZE in Black Mesh, they sent me the 15% off coupon so I used it and ended up paying $4 something which isn't bad as the OPI version which is $8.50.

I will be posting soon as I have time what's the nail polish look like on my nails, I'm gonna be using the powder today also at work and see how it goes, hopefully its gonna be a good week for me at work.......Have a wonderful week ahead beauties.....

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