Saturday, May 22, 2010

Maybelline's Colorsensational in Pink Please

This colorsensational lipstick was lunched several months ago I guess and I bought one just to try it. I was in love with the color thinking it would look good on me. Soon as I went to my car I tried it, to my dismay it was real dry on my lip, considering I often use carmex every minute I think of applying it. For once in a while I keep coming back and try to use it but it feels the same on my lips, DRY! I don't know if its just the PINK PLEASE that too messed up in the line. Any ideas please???

  • too dry on my lips
  • make the lines on my lips too visible
  • doesn't glide on smoothly
  • I love love the color until now I'm looking for a good and budget friendly alternative.
  • smell so good
PRICE RANGE : $5 to $6



Hi the color really looks nice in the picture. I'm also a sucker for pink lipsticks. Makes me wanna try this just for the color alone and not mind it's drying effect. Let's see if I'll find one here in Manila:)

Chantzy said...

I think they are all there, if there's a new product it will just be a slight delay...there's a new product of Maybelline lippies I saw in the store, lighter color in terms of packaging and it claims to be super moist than this line, you might wanna check that out they are all in PINK shade...

Angie said...

i think the name is pink please :)

Chantzy said...

yeah it is Pink Please, pardon my finger couldn't type right haha, too lazy to change it

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