Friday, May 21, 2010

Loreal Passport to Paradise Summer 2010

Blue is one of my favorite color especially in nail polish. This is a bright creamy blue I'm in love with. Its one of the Passport to Paradise summer 2010 collection. I only grab one to see how its like. This is called OCEAN BREEZE. I love it! its creamy, kinda thick but maybe you can use a thinner to minimize the consistency. There are 3 nail polish in this collection HIGH TIDE, WATER EDGE and OCEAN BREEZE.

Pardon the imperfections! This is 2 coat with top coat. I love this nail polish so much. So far this is my favorite blue color among China Glaze, Orly and all drug store brands. I'll keep wearing it!

PRICE: $4.99 each

PS: I got compliments of my nail polish today at work :D


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