Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elf's Nail Polish in Burgundy

I got this nail polish a week ago in my local store selling Elf"s cosmetics. They were on sale for 59 cents a piece. What a steal! Though I didn't own any of their nail polish before I was kinda hesitant to get it so I just decided to get 3 of them haha, what a freak! So I decided to try this color first. BURGUNDY! I'm telling you over and over again, I don't wear red at all, BUT the little golden undertone shimmers is pretty.

I did 3 coat of the picture above because I want to bring up more the golden light shimmers. You can do just 2 coat because its really opaque and creamy. I used a top coat of course to last for like until 5 days or so but I usually change my nail polish so often every 3 days just cause.....


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