Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Elf Mini Haul

Finally I made sure that I'm gonna go to the store that carries Elf products. It's about 35 minutes drive away from the town. I was totally surprised that they have more display compared to Big Kmart on my area. I got excited and grab some things I like. I finally got the blush in Blushing Rose  that's missing on my last order. The nail polish are also on clearance for $.59 a piece!!! I thought I'm gonna give it a try. Anyway here are some of my mini haul:

Dou Eyeshadow Cream :
                                       Butter Pecan
                                       Berry Mix          $1
                                       Blue Berry

Nail Polish: Plum 
                  Medium Red       $.59

Brightening Eye Color Eyeshadow in Pretty Pink - $1

Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo in Black - $1

Tone Correcting Concealer - $1

Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder - $3

Blush in Blushing Rose - $3

For all of the above I only spent $14.77 for 12 items. Not bad at all for a bargain hunter like me! I forgot to bring with me my camera so I took some photos to share on how they display it thru my Iphone. Here they are:

                                               The $1 side



                                                               The Studio Line

I wanna try their mineral make up line, can't wait to see them in store!


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