Monday, May 24, 2010

My Makeup Brushes

I just wanna share to you some of my makeup brushes. Some are from Elf's and Eco tools obviously. I love the eco tools brushes, affordable and you can buy it anywhere. Some of them I bought in Walmart and in my local store. Elf's blending brush I got it for a buck and the studio brushes for $3 but I'm frugal so I bought it when Elf's was on 60% off on their Studio Line lol.

The only pricey among my brushes  is the Sonia Kashuk Highlighter brush which according to Youtube gurus are most like the dupe of MAC's #187 brush. I use it everyday for my blush or for highlighting. PRICE is $13 at Target.

I just used some of them. Pretty much everyday this is what I use, need to wash it after applying my makeup. My favorite among them is the POWDER BRUSH from Elf, I can use it for applying my foundation, blushes and as a highlighter, I have 3 of them. Now I don't feel guilty about spending, all of my beauty stuff are pretty much cheap that works well on me. Any cheaper alternatives out there? lol

And oh the one missing here is my Elf's kabuki brush, I'm still drying it.


maki said...

frugal indeed. i will try those ecotools too.

Chantzy said...

yup,I feel good though, I don't feel guilty in over spending, Eco tools are great drug store brushes, I've been using that set for more than 2 years now lol

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