Wednesday, May 12, 2010

About Me

10 Things About Me

1. A Proud Filipina living in Oregon USA
2. Married and have only son who just turned 10
3. Working full time but trying to be a mom, a wife and a blogger in between
4. Loves makeup, purse/bag  but a shoe addict it means that I'll buy a pair of shoe above anything else
5. My favorite color is blue, purple and some pink
6. Favorite food is korean, italian and american for dessert
7. I love to go places on my day off, driving alone in no where is what excites me.
8. My dream to visit all around the state of America, visit Italy and a cruise ship to Carribean.
9. There are things I want to buy but considered expensive on my taste,I can afford to buy them if I want to but I feel guilty about it
10. I am here to blog and write my honest review,  follow me and I'll do the same. Shoot me an email at


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