Monday, February 7, 2011

Wet N Wild Coloricon Eye shadow in Snow Sprite

I bought this last year but I keep using it instead of sharing it. I use to adore Physician's Formula eye shadows because they are pigmented and last long just like high end products but didn't know I'll get hook with this brand when the hype started last year. I bought a few the first time but keep coming back in the drug store to grab some more soon as its on sale. 

This eyeshadow consist of blue's and green shades and it comes with a silver eyeliner pencil. As the other palettes they are uber pigmented...I have a normal to dry skin and my eyeshadow stays put with just a good primer. 

This is a close up view, shimmery, pigmented, just a little bit dab of brush goes a long way. 

The swatch of the greens on the left side of the palette, isn't it pretty?

This is the swatch of the right side of the palette, the blue's.  Sorry this is the best shot I can take, didn't emphasize the light bluish on the middle, looks like silver, but in person its light bluish shade. I usually blog at night after work so lighting isn't great.  By the way this retails $5 in the local drug store with 6 beautiful shades and 1 silver eyeliner pen. Of course I won't buy this with regular prize so I got it on BOGO half off!


Hollie said...

it's a nice party color!

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