Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 7th Bath and Body Works Haul

I got the recently lunched CARRIED AWAY Collection, fragrance mist, body lotion and shower gel. I love the smell that I can get the whole set of this collection. Usually I just grab one in a new collection. Depends in our preference though, but I easily get tired of scent of any kind, this is the reason why I stop buying EDT or EDP of a brand. I just end up giving it away.This is kind floral scent with jojoba and shea butter in it. Its a whimsical blend of lush raspberries, white jasmine and whipped vanilla.

The Fragrance Mist

Shower Gel

Body Lotion

I just like the Bali Mango for a Lotion and I like the scent of the fruity FOREVER SUNSHINE 



What did you recently buy in Bath and Body Works?


Hollie said...

Wow nice Bath and Body works Haul! I'm going to give Forever Sunshine a try. I like fruity scents.

donnarence said...

nice haul!! i am stuck with vs mist want to try these

Chantzy said...

I like VS too, but I only get it for pasalubong, dunno why, but I prefer BBW scents :)

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