Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics in CORALISTA

Finally I taught my self to get an expensive brand of makeup(well in my case) in my hands. Whenever I go to JC Penny I usually go to Sephora and swatch makeups, and this is the one that I wanna purchase first when I lost my self (LOL) from BENEFIT COSMETICS. Two weeks ago I guess I got this and I'm happy about it. In my case I have NC40 skin tone for reference, it gives a glow to my cheeks or even the entire face, I like when I just apply powder on my face and followed with this, its perfect! I am saving the rest for summer because its really nice glow when you're out. And what I like about it is the SCENT,smells gorgeous!

It came with a brush which is real soft but until now I didn't use it. I am thinking it might pick up more product than what I needed so I just keep it aside(winks). The packaging is really classy but it doesn't have mirror except for BELLA BAMBA in this line. I'm not looking forward for BELLA BAMBA, it is too dark on my cheeks, I don't wanna look like a clown, well by applying it on my cheeks for several times in Sephora. I might give it a try again.

The good thing about the ingredients of this is there is NO PARABEN. Its a plus in my case. No wonder its a little spendy.

 with out FLASH

This is a close up shot without flash, its corally.

 with FLASH

This product weights 12.0 g/.42oz    

Let's do the math, $28/12grams is $2.33 you spend in every grams of the product! You think its worth it? 
I think it is worth it, probably a gram you can use it two times or even more depends on the way how you apply it and it gives you the glow all day. By knowing how much I spend now I don't feel guilty, Oh frugality LOL....
with out FLASH

The swatch above, really pretty color with a glowy finish

with FLASH

I think I will repurchase this if not get another product from them, I am eyeing on DANDELION......
What's on your wish list in Benefit Cosmetics?


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