Friday, February 11, 2011

Wonder Woman I have

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So I went today at Nordstrom to check out the opening of Wonder Woman from MAC. I got there by 10:30ish and I thought I would expect crowd, but not yet! Nordstrom opens at 10am so I thought I can't take any pictures or even swatch at all. I am so lucky!  though I just drive 12 to 15 minutes away from my house to reach the mall. First thing I noticed is the gigantic packaging of the MSF, my gawddd this is the biggest compact I've ever seen so far in makeup products, almost the size of my palm! I really reacted and laugh and the SA was laughing with me LOL.

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Anyway I was playing it with my hand and couldn't stop smiling. I was thinking of getting it but heck its $35 pffttttttt leave it LOL. I can find dupe out there (rolling my eyes). 

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And the makeup bag for $30 a piece its not worth it.

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So as a frugal shopper I just grab the Lip glass in EMANCIPATION and the BLUSH DUO in MIGHTY APHRODITE.

The only babies I got. (sigh).... my wallet is already empty LOL, but wait I want the MARQUISE lippie, its really pretty! thinking if I'm going back to get it.

Look how big is the Lipglass? geezzzz  the wand I mean, it's like you can use it to poke your biatch friend LOL.......

That's all for now, my swatches will be in a few, as I still need to do my house work.



Wow nice stuffs you chose there! i'm getting jealous i've been here in la for a week and no one is driving me to the nearest mall haha:-)

Pammy said...

Oh, you got Mighty Aphrodite! It looks pretty as well as the lipgloss. :P

Chantzy said...

sis Pammy, they are all pretty actually except the packaging :)

CC said...

I just stumbled upon your blog via jomakemeblush and I love the concept! I'm a certified makeup junkie whose definitely on a budget. I got Mighty Aphrodite too and I love it. I wanted the Pink Power MSF but it seems to be sold out everywhere.

Hollie said...

These are really pretty colors. and the one you got is something that I would have definitely picked out for myself...hehe

donnarence said...

haha.. you can use it to poke your biatch friend. this made me laugh!!! i like the packaging

I Am Ahne said...

nice choices...hope wonder woman lands Manila sooner than it should be lolz....

Paula said...

what an awesome blog! I absolutely love it and can`t wait to see more posts in the future! :)

have a great time,

Catmare said...

hahaha! your post made me laugh. I saw them, too and they were HUGE. The stuff you picked were pretty. :)

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