Thursday, January 13, 2011

My First Coach Handbag

Finally I've been eyeing a coach purse for years, I got one yesterday yeheeyyy.....Went to the outlet store, always 20% off the price, the SA's hand coupon everyday which I think its a good deal, sometimes 25% on top of the sale they have. I chose this one because of the style, the size and the color, love the blue lining inside....because blue shade is my favorite....I thought it also goes with any clothes I wear and boots I have this winter. I bought it for $145(sigh).....Next purchase would be I don't know LOL, anyway I'm happy with it.


Cosmetics Aficionado said...

Congrats!! Great bag! I have a lot of Coach bags from their outlets.

Chantzy said...

thank you, wish I can collect some too!

MeMe said...

The bag is great. I like the design cause it's very simple and the color too! I love black!

hahpiness said...

hey sis. :) hinanap talaga kita :)

classic coach bag. nice buy! go for more. :)

thanks for following ha

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