Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bath and Body Works PocketBac

I saw these little cuties from my co worker one time and I was surprised how handy they are especially at work that we need to sanitize as often as possible. On my day off I was glad I found time to go to the mall with my friend, so got this for $5 for 5. Its an ounces each tube with different scents. I didn't really like the Holiday Edition, but maybe because I squirt lots of body spray on my palm already and didn't have the chance to smell each of them, oh well maybe next time, I'll check on the other variants. Its only 68% alcohol though so don't rely on it as an antibacterial, what I do is I wash my hand and squirt a lil bit and your hands smell like heaven. They sell the holder for $.50 each, my favorite among the 5 I grab is midnight pomegranate!


The Little Dust Princess said...

I love BBW's hand sanitizers!

xx The Little Dust Princess

K said...

Thanks for following my blog! Im addicted to pocket bacs!

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