Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wet N Wild coloricon single eyeshadow

I got this eyeshadow in RiteAide when they were having a 40% sale several days ago. I decided to get KITTEN, NUTTY, ENVY and PENNY. I got this for $1.19 a piece! Anyway sad to say because of rushing too much and procastinating before Christmas I ended up breaking the ENVY! 

            creamy, silky, pigmented 
            doesn't break me out
            color pay off is awesome
            lots of this eyeshadow are dupe of Nars
            long lasting with eyeshadow primer on
            with just one swipe the color is visible
            wearable color, can be an everyday look

CONS: they should have more shades to choose from
             addicting! haha

This is my favorite among all the single eyeshadow, perfect for this holiday and for everyday look. Ever since I got this, I've been using it constantly. Here's the swatch below

It has like a golden undertone, this is what it exactly how it show up on your skin.....

Isn't that pretty? Guess what? I read somewhere that you can use it as blush, I tried and wow, amazing look! yey!

The famous NUTTY shade, its gorgeous color, its a taupe shade! Swatch below

Just one swipe on this swatch, if you want it darker why not, get that taupey color you want!

If you love purples like me, you gotta have this baby!

One swipe only, make it even more darker if you want to......

                                       (image is from Makeup Alley) mine is broken

                                                               Swatch below

 I swiped 2 times and it gives this kind of shade, I wear this at work today with my greens  and I got a compliment :)


Pammy said...

Envy is soooo gorgeous!

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