Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rimmel Nailpolish in Steel Grey

As the label implies its long lasting finish pro which is actually right. I've been wanting to try this shade as I was sorta disppointed with Orly's grey shade.

The good thing about this is it has the big size applicator which helps you with just two swipe. This is the biggest applicator I saw among the nailpolish in the store.

This will be gorgeous if you have light skintone. Easy to apply, creamy and shiny finish look.I always use top coat in every nailpolish I do.  Over all I like this shade and probably be buying more of this line.

PRICE is $3.99 at Walmart


CGBlogger said...

I love the color!

Golden said...

I've been looking for a local nail polish close to that shade. I wish I'll find one.

Lots of love,

bechay said...

Hello! I am a frugal shopper too :)But I am very poor when it comes to make up. I only knew the basic like putting lipstick, mascara and powder. I need motivation, yeah.

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