Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Second try of Olay

After Christmas, I went out and it so happen that its my day off so I wander around couple of store to just see anything interesting to try and of course its gonna be a 50% to 75% off from the original price. Went to Walmart and saw this gift pack of 50% off. I tried one Olay moisturizer before and so far  I didn't break out so why not because my Clinique Moisturizer is almost out.

I think this is a good deal. I know that for sure because Olay moisturizers alone are 25 bucks or more each and for this pack I got  a bit of everything. Its $32 value but got only for $10 yay!

And its MADE IN USA so its a plus! Almost you buy around here in USA is freakin made in China which is a total disappointment!

Happy Shopping with good bargains!


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