Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bath and Body Works Hello Yellow Sale

These are my yellow  sale haul from Bath and Body works last December. I got this on the 28th I believe. Most of the items I got are on 75% off. what else can you say? frugal eh? lol. The expensive one I have on this haul is the mini size of shower gel of SEA ISLAND COTTON scent which I don't like, glad I picked up the 3 oz only for 3 bucks, I wanna get rid of it so I keep using it, don't wanna throw it either lol. And the CAR CLIP SCENT PORTABLE in Caribbean Escape is 3 bucks also use to be $8. Anyway here's the list and prices.

Lemon Summer Vanillas Body Lotion - $2.62
Calypso Berry antibacterial hand soap - $1.25 original price is $5
Rain Kissed Leaves hand soap - $1.25
Wild honey suckle hand soap - $1.25
Orange sapphire hand soap - $1.25

9 pocketbac hand gel:
   warm vailla sugar
   orange sapphire
   dancing waters
   candy corn
   bat bite apple scent
   sea island cotton
   vampire blood in plum
   Santa's mallow mint
   nectarine mint

The holiday scents are $.75 cents each and the rest are $.37 cents each.....
Good deal for the holiday, won't hurt your pocket, but by hoarding a lot, need a space haha


Kristie said...

wow great haul! I saw the sale but didn't go into the store. Now I'm regretting it.

frumpy no more said...

waw, kainggit!

Pammy said...

I am really inggit when there such sales in the US. Love B&BW. Look at all those pocketbacs! Haha!

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