Saturday, January 15, 2011

Elf Nail Polish in PLUM

                                                                        (with flash)

Today's nail polish is PLUM from ELF. I don't know why  lately I am hooked to some dark red shade so I was digging my nail polish collection and painted my nails today before work. This is 3 coat because I want to emphasize on the deep red color. You can do 2 coat its fine.

(no flash with natural light)

With Flash or natural, I love the color. As usual I always use the Sally Hansen Dries Instantly, I've been using this since the Seche Vite is not working as when you first open it. With this I can use it until the last drop plus its cheaper, half the price. 

Do you like it?


Anonymous said...

i love elf products! their nail polish is something i need to try! love the color :)

The Beauty-Addict said...

i haven't tried any products from elf.. will check this out! :) lovely color! following you

Adrienne said...

such a lovely shade,i really must try elf soon!x

iheartvintage8 said...

Hi,very nice blog♥ I want to share an award with you :) I followed you too :)

check it out here:

Rachel Lee said...

Pretty! This looks like one of my sephora polishes....idk which though :)

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