Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm on Birch Box

After checking if this is legit or not I signed up right away.Its a company that sends you a deluxe sample of beauty products with just $10 a month. To me its a pretty good deal. I saw some of what other bloggers received and its really a DELUXE SAMPLE. I am so excited because the products are from  BENEFIT COSMETICS, NARS, KORRES, CARGO, MARC JACOBS fragrances, STILA, TOO FACED among others. From fragrances to makeup, skincare to name a few they carry. PLUS the product they gonna be sending every month is 4 to 5 different kinds. No annual fees or anything like that, you can stop the subscription right away. No hassle! Now my first box gonna be on my doorstep on the 10th of February, YAY! 

I'm gonna be showing what I receive every month that's for sure......are you on birch box yet?


Edwina said...

I wanted to sign up, but I live in canada and birchbox doesn't ship here :( then i wanted to have it ship to my relative's place in maryland but i couldn't type in my canadian address for my credit card... booo :(

But do let us know what you're getting in feb! :D

Tat2dbeauty said...

We will both be getting our first birchbox this month!

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