Friday, January 28, 2011

MAC Viva Glam Gaga

With my unending search of my HG foundie, I go to the cosmetics counter and I got tempted just by looking at these pretty products. We'll yesterday I decided to get my Clinique moisturizer at Nordstrom and ended up buying Viva Glam Gaga and MAC blush in Springsheen. Actually this is my first MAC lipstick, I've been wanting to get this shade but I just ended up killing my lemming for expensive stuff, in short I have discipline before than I do now LOL. But seriously I know the difference of high end versus drug store products. You can tell the difference just by the sample they give me at the cosmetic counters. I'm really happy because the Nordstrom people where I live are super nice, they give me good amount of sample here and there, weather you buy or not. 

I've been swatching this baby many times at the cosmetic counter and I love love the color. I don't need to tell the detail of this lippie as I am 3 years late in addiction of  MAC. Except I don't like lady gaga! 

Above image without watermark is from Musing of a Muse pic, which describe a better look of it. Let's see if this would be my favorite lipstick, I need to try it out for a week yet, wearing at work today though :)


Tat2dbeauty said...

I picked this up when it first came out but I havent used it yet.

Marcy said...

I like this color but it's not for everyone!!


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