Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Elf's contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

I'm not into bronzing powder actually, I just have one from Prestige and I just used it couple of times. Makes my skin so dark rather I want a glow in my face. I love the packaging, it has big mirror in it. The packaging is similar to Nars only that Elf isn't rubbery.

This palette have a light gold shimmers in it. I have the whole studio powder blush of Elf but I couldn't get a dupe of this contouring blush. The bronzer is way too brown on my skin, I wiped it off after application. Looks like your putting a mud on your face, the color isn't appealing either. Nontheless, I like the color of the blush, its a light pink peachy color. The shimmers isn't to vivid, looks natural on your cheeks!

This is how exactly it appears on my skin, the color, look how the bronzer settles? Yay BUT I tried using the bronzer as a neutral look eye shadow and it works well!

I've been using the blush a lot lately not the bronzer though, I'm telling ya its an uber dark brown.........The picture above I took in natural light without a flash.


Weight: .14oz/4.0g


* the blush has gold light shimmers and pigmented
* blush is buildable
*blush last long for several hours just like the other Elf's blushes but what I do is layer a cream blush makes it last longer
* the price is affordable
* the blush shows up well on my cheeks


eleventh0fapril said...

hey there, thanks for becoming a follower :) it means a lot to me. im following you back. have a wonderful week :)

Chantzy said...

thanks much

Angie said...

omg you have so much elf stuff. i instantly worship you as a fellow elf lover haha. this is my fave blush btw!

Chantzy said...

@ Angie yeah I do, try until it works, the cheaper the lesser the damage :)

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